Maria Entretien, a family-owned company in the cleaning industry for nearly 20 years!

It was in 2017, then hardworking, ambitious and with years of experience in her father’s commercial cleaning business, Marco Maintenance, that Paulina decided to start her own cleaning business.

Formerly a nurse by profession, she was already devoting much of her free time to developing the residential market, which was growing year after year in her own business.

Finally, thanks to this career change, she decided to devote all her energy to the development of her company, which today offers both residential and commercial services. It is in this context that Maria Entretien as we know it was born.

Why the name Maria entretien?

Some of you were fortunate enough to have known Paulina’s mother Maria and to have benefited from her outstanding housekeeping services. Sadly, she passed away in April 2020 and Paulina has decided to name her business in honor of the dedicated and loving woman she was.

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