Residential housekeeping services in the Greater Montreal area

Life is made up of these hazards that take you time without notice. Do you have an “emergency housekeeping” or just a one-time housekeeping need? Do not panic! We offer a service on request, personalized and guaranteed. 7 days a week, no frequency needed, only when you need it.

Looking for a regular, complete and fast housekeeping? Our On The Go service is perfect for you. Let our discreet and efficient team of dedicated and caring professionals take care of your home during your absence. You will only have to enjoy, in the evening, a well deserved rest!

At the time of the cleaning, we add to the regular household cleaning: Interior and exterior cleaning of the refrigerator, cleaning of the walls and ceilings, interior and exterior of the cabinets, cleaning of windows and patio doors, cleaning of blinds, cleaning Light fixtures, chandeliers and ceiling fans, all storage spaces, degreasing of all surfaces, including range hood, mildew removal in the bathroom and more.

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